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  • Enso // Reach

    Enso // Reach

    "Have no fear enlightenment for you will never reach it"

  • Mitospore Series

    Mitospore Series

    A mitospore is a fungal spore reproduced asexually through the process of mitosis, which is wherein one cell gives rise to two genetically identical cells, thus distributing chromosomes that carry the genetic mapping of the original cell.

  • Kiss


    Inspired after Klimt's 'The Kiss'



    Microsmosis and Macrosmosis, two separate collaborations between Katie Hill, Jake Eidem and I, were designed to juxtapose the nature of the Micro and the Macro.

  • Anahata Vishuddha

    Anahata Vishuddha

    A study on the energetic tuning of the chakras.

  • Fibonacci's Garden

    Fibonacci's Garden

    Fibonacci's logarithmic spiral, otherwise known as the golden spiral for its relationship to the golden ratio phi φ, is a sacred geometry map for which the cosmos builds upon.

  • Pieta


    Inspired after Michelangelo's Pieta.

  • Albert's Garden

    Albert's Garden

    Albert Einstein's infamous theory of relativity, E = mc2, gave the radical notion that mass and energy were inter-related with the speed of light.

  • Icari


    Society portrayed as the plurality of Icarus through representation of a multitude of hands grasping in the form of wings.

  • Incarnation Series

    Incarnation Series

    A study on impermanence, rebirth, and divination.

  • Ascend


    3d print of a sculpted photogrammetry 3d scan.

  • Heisenberg's Garden

    Heisenberg's Garden

    This piece presents mushrooms chaotically spread over a hyperbolic paraboloid scientific structure, offering a statement on nature’s power to overcome the structures that we try to impose upon it.

  • Ancestral Prototype

    Ancestral Prototype

    The first in a series to connect the human form with the digital environment

  • Revolutions Mandala

    Revolutions Mandala

    While studying in a monastery in Japan I became fascinated with an esoteric form of tantric Buddhism called Shingon.

  • Reincarnation


    A meditation on rebirth

  • Kundalini


    A limited run artist book inspired by the kundalini serpentine energy coil.

  • Reincarnate


    A meditation on rebirth.

  • Dominos; LIVE

    Dominos; LIVE

    I was asked to come out for live art demonstrations during various live electronic events around the Twin Cities, which I took as an opportune time to continue investigating chaos.

  • Translation


    A 3d printed abstract painting translation.

  • Dominos


    Dominos is an ink painting series which began my investigation to the interdependent nature of chaos.

  • Myoe Dreams of Zhuangzhi

    Myoe Dreams of Zhuangzhi

    Myoe Dreams of Zhuangzhi is a further meditation on dreams and their relation to reality.

  • The Big Bang

    The Big Bang

    During independence day I dipped fireworks into paint and placed them upon photographs in my investigation of how free we really were.

  • Zhuangzhi Dreams of a Fungus

    Zhuangzhi Dreams of a Fungus

    A further meditation on dreams and their interconnected reality.

  • Crossroads on the way to the Pureland

    Crossroads on the way to the Pureland

    Pureland Buddhism (Jodo-shinshu) believes in the pureland and that Amitabha Buddha will guide one upon death into the light of the pureland.

  • Newton's Garden

    Newton's Garden

    Newton's Garden is a musing on the similarities of Newton's Laws of Motion and the eastern conceptualization of Karma.

  • Does a Dog Mu?

    Does a Dog Mu?

    In this Zen Koan a monk asks Chao-Chou, "Does a dog have Buddha nature?"
    and Chao Chao replied "Mu"
    Which means no, nothing or emptiness.
  • POV: Escape

    POV: Escape

    The POV series is inspired by the subject of point of view and how one frames the world.

  • Chimen's Heart

    Chimen's Heart

    During the exhibition Belles Lettres the Altered Esthetics Gallery, I did a live performance and installation shedding light onto the nature of language, enlightenment, and emptiness.

  • POV: Kaleidascape

    POV: Kaleidascape

    The POV series is inspired by the subject of point of view and how one frames the world.

  • Indra's Net

    Indra's Net

    Indra's net is a Buddhist concept used to illustrate the nature of emptiness, interconnectedness and the cosmos.

  • POV: Inscape

    POV: Inscape

    The POV series is inspired by the subject of point of view and how one frames the world.

  • Samsara


    Samsara is defined as the continually recycled flow of life and death, Samsara is karmic consumption.

  • POV: Cloudscape

    POV: Cloudscape

    The POV series is inspired by the subject of point of view and how one frames the world.

  • You Make My Heart Flutter

    You Make My Heart Flutter

    You Make My Heart Flutter, was designed to convey the sense of how it feels receiving a letter from someone you love. A simple piece of written paper can really mean the world to a recipient.

  • Oppenheimer's Garden

    Oppenheimer's Garden

    A large scale installation at the Gamut Gallery for the Liminal Cognition Exhibition.

  • the infinite in finite

    the infinite in finite

    Origami is a means of discovering woven abstracted mathematics, which divide a square into finite polygonal arrangements that make it easy to represent mathematical theorem.

  • Darwin's Garden

    Darwin's Garden

    A study on evolution utilizing natural found materials and origami folded mushrooms.

  • Zhuangzhi's Dream

    Zhuangzhi's Dream

    Zhuangzhi was a monk whom awoke from a dream and was unsure to as whether he was a man whom dreamed he were a butterfly, or now a butterfly dreaming himself to be a man