Orgone generators harness the power of crystals for practical purposes.

During my beginning years of college I was running a student organization called Zen-Living and consequently was contacted by a lot of local spiritual entities. I had received a call from a man whom ran a "Zen Group" in a near by town whom told me about a workshop at their spiritual headquarters happening in Minnesota. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and invited my friends to the event.

Deciding to look into exactly what I was getting myself into, I researched the group and found to my surprise that they were not in fact zen practitioners but a cult that had some rather compromising beliefs that were quite detrimental to their followers. The organization did had some Buddhist/Hindu beliefs but mixed up the ideas a bit, for example getting to attached to the results of karma, particularly when it benefited the collective cult. The cult had many other strange beliefs and rituals involving drinking liquids and going on spiritual journeys, as well as a power hungry mahatma (leader) who designed their scripture to ultimately control the subscribers. Power truly becomes corruptible when the leader begins to hoard the power to "hold his position" rather than giving it back to the people, which ultimately would  generate more power if everyone had something to contribute.

Coincidently a friend of mine whom I am giving Yoga lessons in exchange for Kung fu (wing-Chun) had come over to my house and told me he had spent the entire prior day building an "OrGone Generator" The OrGone transmitters work by plastering a fiberglass resin around a crystal and metal coils. The hardened resin squeezes the crystal which releases an energy pulse that is conducted into the metal and consequently released. The energy produced helps plants grow, increases libido and prevents mind control. Suddenly it clicked with me that I had a perfect use for the generators.

Departing for the meeting, I brought a few close friends and a bag full of generators to the temple. Upon arriving we "gifted" the community. I can't be positive to as whether the plants or sexual energy of the place will be increasing, but if I freed just one mind, the journey was well worth the trouble.

I currently fabricate generators on commission to all those whom feel they could use the energy.