Fibonacci's Garden

Fibonacci's logarithmic spiral, otherwise known as the golden spiral for its relationship to the golden ratio phi φ, is a sacred geometry map for which the cosmos builds upon.

The sacred sequence can be found recorded dating back to 700 AD sanskrit documents of various Hindu and Jain scholars. The west adapted the system from the work of Fibonacci and alternatively Edouard Lucas in the early 13th century but nature had been utilizing the diving proportion long before. The sequencing can be seeing in nature within plant leaves, petals, and seeds, in shells, and honey bees, in the breeding habits of rabbits, the crest of a wave and how galaxy arms behave!

The piece featuring the vase of flowers utilizes the golden ratio in various of origami geometric structures folding patterns. This piece also employs a monoprint of found objects and a thread pattern depicting the golden spiral overlaid upon itself.