Oppenheimer's Garden

A large scale installation at the Gamut Gallery for the Liminal Cognition Exhibition.

The name Oppenheimer's Garden references Oppenheimer's research on the atomic bomb and the mushroom cloud produced by the nuclear reaction. This installation displays a variety of clouds composed of mushroom's which literally translates this devastating phenomenon, but conceptually offers a contradictory display as the cloud's appear to be living organisms.

I've utilized mushroom's in my previous work as a metaphor for the life force, from it's vitality and inability to be constrained in Heisenberg's Garden, to it's nature with energy in Albert's Garden and now in it's relation to water in Oppenheimer's Garden. All living organisms are mostly composed of water, condensed clouds if you will. Oppenheimer's Garden is in essence, a translation of the life force juxtaposed with the greatest form of destruction we've yet come to know.