POV: Inscape

The POV series is inspired by the subject of point of view and how one frames the world.

POV: Inscape is inspired by the idea of how one attempts to divide, define and grasp the world. When one feels as a separate being they can access feelings of being in control of their environment and better yet, to become better then everything and everyone else in it. This sense of being a victor or successful, is as if trying to grab tiny bubbles of trapped air arising in a fountain. These bubbles arising can be as empty as any object, success or failure, the true value lies in what one does with it. This work depicts a boy composed of the same substance as the bubbles he is blowing. These bubbles raise into the air forming clouds and are thus suggested in time, to burst and lose their separation from one another. How one see's the world is how one see's themselves. What is with-in, is as what is with-out.

Media: acrylic, wood door, frame corners, metal, string, wood dowels, paper, glassine

Size: 8' X 2.5' X 1'