Zhuangzhi Dreams of a Fungus

A further meditation on dreams and their interconnected reality.

Zhuangzhi was a monk whom awoke from a dream and was unsure to as whether he was a man whom dreamed he were a butterfly, or now a butterfly dreaming himself to be a man. My work explores the concept of the Butterfly Effect or rather the idea of interconnectedness through another mathematical algorithm called the 'Hyperbolic Paraboloid', which is a parabola that revolves around an axis to create an infinite surface existing within three dimensions. Zhuangzhi Dreams of Fungus takes the hypothetical twist in that Zhuangzhi dreams himself to be a fungus wherein all the other characters that he meets in his dream, though they appear as separate entities on the surface level, are all actually an extension of himself, connected by the mycelium. When Zhuangzhi awakens, he cannot be sure whether he was a man whom dreamed he was one with the entirety, or now the entirety dreaming oneself to be a man.

 Zhuangzhi Dreams of Fungus, screen print and origami, various sizes. 2014