Enso // Reach

"Have no fear enlightenment for you will never reach it"

Enlightenment is unattainable because once it is obtained, it is already lost. Enlightenment is in the journey, the discipline, the path.

'Enso' is a take on the archaic art of Zen sumi ink painting wherein the brush begins thick with paint empties as the stroke reaches full circle. My version interprets this through hands reaching in a circle with each iteration being decimated into fewer polygons.

'Reach' was actually a conception of my mother. After she visited Georgia she was inspired by the african-american community in overcoming extreme prejudice and their persistence in reaching through the darkness of hate towards a shred of light at the end of a tunnel. I took the concept of reaching and execute this piece from my mothers original vision.

These pieces are constructed of 3D printed PLA, Gorilla Glue, Glass, Spray Paint