Logo: MISC

MISC is an artist collective which I am a co-founder of.

MISC was created on the premise of artistic practice in that of the synergism of collaboration within working with each other, music and the audience for an all encompassing approach to embrace all of the senses. As the artist, we value the process of phenomenon and intention greater than the final product. By performing live at shows and working directly with an audience, there is an allowance of bridging harmony beyond the dualism of subjective and objective, form and emptiness, of art, artist and audience. This transcendence found through the manifestation of immediate aesthetic experiential apprehension creates a matrix which the audience, performers and place together collaborate to create the work. Our intention of working with one another and each other is to use our voice to address societal issues for positive change and see how much we can accomplish when we put our heads together.

We utilize the acronym MISC because as artists, we are ultimately not the creator of our works, but inherently empty tools influenced by the mechanisms of the cosmos. We thus give up our own identities to the collective consciousness and become as miscellaneous as our co-collaborators.

Though we have discontinued our regular live performances and are not currently working publicly, we are still working together and have the intention to emerge again when the timing is right.