Mural: CMPS community project

The lino lake elementary community problem solving team had a big problem on their hands and contacted us for the solution.

The children of Lino Lakes STEM elementary were terrorizing the bathroom by tearing posters off the walls, hanging off the doors, and generally treating the bathrooms like a jungle gym. The community problem solving team (CMPS) wanted to find a solution to the childish devastation cast upon the bathrooms and inspire their student body with a new found sense of respect towards their space of daily living. After trying several tactics, the team decided a full scale environmental change was necessary and thus contacted our team of artists for assistance.


Meeting with the children, they gave us a plethora of ideas for each bathroom. The girls desired to have something light and joyful, with the consensus voting on a unicorn with a mustache. The boys needed a message that this space was not a jungle gym, thus we took a number of jungle animals and made them pirates, emphasizing this is absolutely not the JUNGLE gym. We gave each bathroom a word bubble stemming from a character,  to which the children could actively place posters in for informational criteria regarding community events. The adjoining wash station for the bathrooms displays hand prints over an overflowing sink as a reminder to wash one's hands and prevent the spreading of germs.

The children contributed with their ideas, hand prints, rolling on paint and even painting in stencils of images. The children's parents, siblings and teachers all came together in one amazing community effort to make this project possible. A special thanks to the coordinator Lisa Sauer, principal Ron Burris, the families that came out to support the project and our other painters Meaghan Sweeney, Katie Hill and Jake Eidem.