FaceForward is a Minnesota based performance artist's collective that I participate in.

FaceForward's mission statement:

Fostering a socially aware artist community through education and collaboration.

We exist because Minnesota has a vast number of untapped ambassadors for social change and wide spread equality. Historically, and increasingly so today, art has proven to shape public opinion and signal cultural issues that exist within communities. By supporting local artists who care about their community,Face Forward is a vehicle for positive social change in the Twin Cities. By supporting local artists concerned with our communities’ well-being, Face Forward and partnering organizations are planting seeds every day to grow stronger and healthier communities through the arts. Ultimately, Face Forward envisions a community of socially engaged artists dedicated to humanity through the arts; artists who not only create art that doesn’t further oppress, but who also leverage their influence for positive change.

For these video's, created by Infinitree Media, I did a little body painting and also can be found performing Acrobatic Yoga (acroyoga) with the Acronauts at Summerset Music Festival as well as in my exhibition Liminal Cognition at the Gamut Gallery. Check out FaceForward at http://faceforwardmn.com/ or on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FaceForwardMN