Message in a Bottle

The Tibetan healing fund and the Drepung Monestary asked for help and selected artists responded by creating pages of a colouring book.

These were then auctioned off to fund educational material for the children of Tibet as well as include a gift of copies of the colouring book designed to spread awareness of our cultures.

In Buddhism, the golden turtle resembles the untarnished being whom can roam out of the seas of samsara to the solidity of nirvana as a tortoise may on earth and water. On top of the golden turtle rests Mt. Sumeru and on the peak of the mountain which sits in the center of all the universe is the golden temple of Indra the interconnected. Beyond which one finds the sky, time, and Lord Yama the king of the dead. The heavens that follow are that of contented commitment and the future Buddha is born.

Tibetan cosmology reads “At the beginning of the present age or kalpa, while the future universe was still immense chaos, Manjushri caused a giant golden turtle to arise from his own mind, and this turtle emerged from the waters of the primordial ocean. Seeing in a dream that the universe in formation required a stable base, Manjushri pierced the flank of the turtle with a golden arrow. The injured animal turned on its back and sank into the ocean, giving forth blood and excrement, from which there arose the constituent elements of the universe. The created world thenceforth rested on the flat belly of the turtle, upon which Manjushri wrote all the secrets of the times to come in the form of sacred hieroglyphic signs.”