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I started pursuing the arts at the University of Wisconsin Stout, studying under primarily expressionist painters claiming the only relevance to be found in art, is through pure expressionistic painting. During this time I became fascinated with the mathematical conceptualization known as chaos theory, otherwise known as the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect states that through interconnected relations, a butterflies wings flapping may cause hurricanes on the other side of the globe, essentially stating that the littlest things can cause the biggest difference. This theory was contradictory towards what my professors were teaching me, as it stated everything is relevant in it’s own right. Having also taken an interest in meditation, I decided to put chaos theory to the test and flew around the globe to study Zen painting and Buddhism in the monasteries of Japan.


Through my studies, I found art as a service of liberation allowing the mind-body-spirit for movement beyond the conventional laws of the self-consciousness that bridges the dualism of art and artist, subjective and objective, being and non-being, all forms and emptiness. Taking this whirlwind of experiential knowledge back with me to the states, I arrived where I started, to know the place for the first time. In a sense I could not be certain to as whether I was a man whom dreamed he were a butterfly, or now a butterfly dreaming oneself a man. My first state of action was to enroll in yoga teacher training as a means to share my newfound discoveries. This path unlocked new potentialities in my body and led me to practicing acrobatics and teaching children’s yoga. Consequently, I decided to combine my yogic practice with my artistic pursuits and enrolled in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a concentration in Print, Paper, and Book making, so that I would be equipped with the skills to write and illustrate children’s yoga books.


My artistic practice consistently revealed one underlying concept that interpenetrated all things, and thus I’ve strived to capture this point through my work. Dogen Zenji's genjokoan, translated as actualizing the fundamental point, offers an elegant and concise approach to depicting this truth. Most adequately within the doctrine is the metaphor  "Enlightenment is like the moon reflected on water. The moon does not get wet, nor is the water broken. Although its light is wide and great, the whole moon is reflected even in a puddle an inch wide. The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in dewdrops on the grass, or even in one drop of water” I approach this conceptualization of underlying interconnected emptiness through many means and mediums such as zen painting, performance arts, and origami installations. I thus created my brand condensedcloud in a sense to drop the self and remove the ego from blockading the creative will of the cosmos.




Pursuing the Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin Stout

I began schooling as a studio artist with a concentration in painting. At this time I also began teaching yoga and meditative arts under the guidance of Sant Dharamananda through a student run organization that I created called Zen Living


I travel to Japan and live in a jodo shinshu temple while attending the adjoining university Ryokoku. My primary studies, under the guidance of Brian Victoria, have a concentration in Zen Sumi-E ink painting and the Shingon school. During this time I also spend time in a Zen Temple as well as taking the Shikoku pilgrimmage

A new kind of school; aerial training at Xelias, teacher training at Corepower Yoga and pursuing my BFA at MCAD

Returning to the United States I immediately pursue my yoga teacher training license at Corepower Yoga. Post graduating I begin specializing in flying acrobatic yoga and children's yoga. My focus thus begins to shift to a more per-formative nature and I begin regularly painting live shows and performing acrobatics. I also return to the pursuit of my BFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Completion of School

I graduate MCAD with a concentration in Print, Paper and Book in hopes to aspire to write and illustrate children's yoga books.

Current Activity and Services

I am currently running my studio practice as well as booking live art shows that include but is not limited to live painting, body painting and acrobatics with my collective the Acronauts. I do take fine art commissions as well as freelance design jobs. I am regularly teaching children's yoga but can also facilitate adults whom are interested in private lessons. If you are interested in hiring me, purchasing some of my work, or would just like to say hello, please contact me on my {contact page.}

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