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I initially became interested in art for the sake of its meditative discipline, or perhaps it was the other way around. Artistic discipline offers experiential realization to truths in a similar fashion that spiritual practice offers. Often seeing on the other side of the spectrum to these perceptive practices is the scientific method and mode of thinking. Though these canons have their differences, I find they all depict the same truths and thus strive to find the interdisciplinary connections through my work. My practice utilizes origami algorithms to create fractal tessellations that function as mathematical modules to describe scientific theorems such as chaos theory, sacred geometry, and the Heisenberg’s principle. I then contextualize these scientific modes of conception within a spiritual framework to give new means of approaching spiritual concepts such as interdependent oneness, emptiness and various Zen principles. My work’s intention is to offer immediate insight into these deep interpenetrating concepts and offer a practical reminder that one may sense what they always knew, for the very first time.




If you are interested to read a more in-depth investigation of my personal investigations and discoveries, I would like to invite you to read my {thesis}