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They both gazed at the wall clock, eyeing the diminutive arm tick inexorably toward one’ o’clock. At that time Beyonce would inject Whitney’s dungeon area alone for a supremacy session with her recent dominatrix that would enjoy major ramifications for both Beyonce and Mariah.

As they waited they knew Christina Milian had been in there with domina Whitney for the past 2 hours and that if Whitney was more blissful with Christina than Beyonce then Halle Berry would acquire a recent pose within this Harem of marionettes. The perceive was grisly to Mariah, she did not want to submit to anyone other than Whitney far less someone she openly disliked such as Halle.

“Bee, prefer last week in your motel apartment?”

How could she leave slack! A beckon.

“You loved it didn’t you? Well so did I.I liked predominant you. I indulge in how I sensed doing anal fuck all those naughty things to you and fill you upright submit to me. But for me I bask in it even more when I submit to dominatrix Whitney. She knows how to handle me. Ever since I highly first encountered her I fill only desired to satisfy her. If YOU don’t satisfy her today, if you don’t cancel ultra saggy boobs nicer than Christina then I’ll lose a share of that. I don’t want to lose that. You won’t let me down will you Bee?”

A sensitive “No domme Mariah.”

In an instantaneous Mariah switched, her face hardened and darkened and her sensitized jerking of Beyonce’s hair switched all of a sudden to a stiff pull on it and in a indecent, menacing expose she chatted.

“You’d nicer porking not, gimp!” and she restricted Beyonce’s dazed explore.

The heavy moment was battered when Whitney’s butler, Jenks, came to snootily state them to approach to the anti-chamber. This apartment outside one of Whitney’s dungeons was frosty and damp, black and oppressive. Both Beyonce and Mariah knelt in muffle once Jenks left, both pondering Mariah’s earlier threat. Beyonce had winced as Halle had perversely flogged Mariah the night before due to Beyonce’s failings. She did not want to let her down again.

Minutes handed before Jenks returned with Halle Berry, bare, she grinned nastily at Mariah before getting on all fours beside her and within the seconds the hefty wooden door all 3 waited on, swayed launch.

Whitney Houston exited first-ever looking spectacular in a sparkling scarlet, body hugging cat-suit. She was wearing an unlikely station of spike heeled footwear in matching crimson and in her precise forearm restrained a curled up bull chop and in her left a leash. She comes farther out and we peep that linked to the leash is a silver neck harness fitted stiffly around the luxurious puny neck of Christina Milian.

Christina looked awesome, her hair damp with sweat at it’s concludes, porn massage her eyes a concoction of enjoyment and obedience, her assets pliable, bare, bodacious and apparently marked by Whitney’s Come of her. She crawled on palms and knees, Love a well taught dog, unhurried her dominatrix. Her bod demonstrated demonstrable signs of tiredness and her progress was leisurely enough that leash went taut once and she had t..